Scissor lifting care bed PB 735 / PB 736

Our modern PB 735 care bed is primarily designed for use in care facilities. The homely feeling of your own four walls is combined here with a wide range of possible uses. The care bed offers all the comforts of a modern care bed, such as wall deflectors, central locking and 125 mm plastic castors, so that the care bed is easy to move. In addition, of course, it offers adjustments such as Trendelenburg and Anti-Trendelenburg, further backward displacement of the back when straightening up so as not to compress the mattress, three pre-programmed height positions of the lying surface (sleep - getting up - care) with a height adjustment from 31 cm to 81 cm (upper edge of the lying surface ). The wheelchair accessibility for person hoists is 15 cm. 

The PB 735 has excellent stability with a high safe working load of 220 kg. Variant PB 736 with the PB 736 variant, 4 standing cylinders with integrated central locking cover the rollers. This modern care bed PB 735 / PB 736 offers a large number of possible variations in color, fronts from wood to fabric or synthetic leather-covered fronts, low foot sections, various side rail variants, lying surface extension by 20 cm, central locking and much more.


Standard colors available - no extra charge:

Standard bed colors


Available colors for an extra charge:

colors for an extra charge


Technical parameters

Safe work load 220 kg
Maximum user weight 180 kg
Total weight 143,0 kg (PB 735), (PB 736 – 140,4 kg)
External dimensions

216 cm x 106 cm (PB 736 107 cm)

Heading adjustability 0 ÷ 70°
Foot adjustability 0 ÷ 20°


Functions of the rehabilitation bed


PB-735 [PDF]