Scissor lifting care bed PB X4 & XX4

This high quality care bed has been especially designed for patients with a higher bodyweight and can also be used when a heavier mattress is necessary. This care bed is similar to our PB  526 and can be ordered in 2 different variations:

  • Maximum load of 250 kg PB X4
  • Maximum load of 350 kg PB XX4

Using its unlocked 4 to 6 high-class ball bearing casters the bed can easily be shifted. The continuous side bars can be lowered and slid onto each other that they pose no hindrance for entering or exiting the bed. This bed has been produced to withstand highest stresses and strains. The 4-sectioned lying area comes in the  standard dimensions of 100 cm x 200 cm, is made of an easy to clean metal mesh and individually adjustable using 2 single electric motors. In addition, the adjustability of the foot part is supported by 2 ratchets. On demand this bed can be equipped with a central break and is also available in other lying area dimensions. The PB X4 / PB XX4 is laterally accessible for patient lifts. 

The 4-sectional lying surface is electrically adjustable between 40 cm and 80 cm (upper end of the lying area). All electronic components have been manufactured according to latest research and are in accordance with all valid safety requirements and standards. Every single adjustment option of the bed is comfortably controllable by using the splash-proof manual control switch and any single function can be individually locked. The very stable lifting mechanism has been designed to handle loads up to 250 kg / 350 kg naturally.


Standard colors available - no extra charge:

Standard bed colors


Available colors for an extra charge:

colors for an extra charge


Technical parameters

Safe work load 250 kg / 350 kg
Maximum user weight 200 kg / 300 kg
Total weight 121 kg / 149 kg​
External dimensions 207 cm x 132 cm
Heading adjustability 0 ÷ 70°
Foot adjustability 0 ÷ 20°
Lies height in the range 40 - 80 cm


Functions of the rehabilitation bed