Care beds

Care Bed PB 321 » »

PB 321

Easy to clean and disinfect
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PB 323 Rehabilitation Bed for Long-Term Care » Elbur »

PB 323

The extremely low position of the mattress support platform
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Care bed PB 325 » »

PB 325

Economic bed for long term care
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Care bed PB 325 » »

PB 325 LOW

Low economic bed
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Care Bed PB 326 » »

PB 326

An all-purpose bed for care and for rentals of rehabilitation equipment
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Low front lifting care bed PB 331 » »

PB 331

Timeless bed with full-wooden bed ends
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Low front lifting care bed PB 337 » »

PB 337

An attractive bed with a low position of the mattress support platform
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Care Bed for Bariatric Patients PB 340 » »

PB 340

Bed for bariatric patients
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Electric bed frame PB 521 II » »

PB 521 II

Static mattress platform
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Scissor lifting PB 526 II » »

PB 526

The popular scissor lifting care bed
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Senior care bed PB 533 » 207 cm x 111 cm » Elbur »

PB 533

Adjustable bed for homecare use
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Double Adjustable Bed PB 533DB » Elbur »

PB 533DB

Double adjustable bed
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Care bed PB 536 » »

PB 536

Functional bed with increased load
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Low heber care bed PB 636 IV » »

PB 636

Comfortable scissor lifting care bed with the lowered level of mattress support platform
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Care Bed PB X4 & XX4 » 200 kg / 300 kg » »

PB X4 & XX4

Specialist beds dedicated to bariatric patients
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Our electrically operated care beds with the remote control are characterized by the use of high-durability materials and the application of standards and regulations for medical - orthopaedic beds. To provide safety and comfort to the patients, we have prepared an offer of equipment designed for use in both long-term care facilities and the home environment. Each product offered by us complies with the necessary standards that allow the use of the offered furniture in medical centers.


Each rehabilitation bed produced by Elbur uses in its design solutions allowing the use of electrical components made according to the latest knowledge and applicable technical safety standards. Thanks to this, the patient can independently use the ergonomic remote control to adjust the convenient bed position, without calling a caregiver or aid. In addition to the products presented below, such as patient beds, our offer includes lockers and bedside tables manufactured by us, which increase the user's comfort, while facilitating the daily work of caregivers. They are are an excellent extension to our range of products from our offer of rehabilitation beds.


Comfort and convenience during daily rehabilitation are the key elements in the process of a senior's treatment. A number of improvemens and additional features such as removable side rails, functions of electrical bed height adjustment, the function of electrical adjustment of individual elements of the bed - are just some of the advantages of the products offered by Elbur. Choosing the right model of rehabilitation bed is important to best suit the requirements of people using this type of products. In addition, we offer products with increased resistance designed for larger and heavier patients. Selected models of the above products can safely withstand a load of up to 180kg. In addition, the care beds have a function of lowering the sleep surface, which significantly facilitates getting on and off the bed, and thus daily rehabilitation and recovery.


Rehabilitation beds available in our company are distinguished by excellent functionality, which is appreciated by patients and persons staying during treatment in hospitals and medical facilities. The offer's diversity is a response to meeting the needs of patients, for whom recovery and treatment in comfortable conditions is a very important issue. You will find here aesthetic classic rehabilitation beds with wooden side rails. Many care beds have wheels with a strong lock. A major advantage of the available models of Elbur products is the possibility of complementing the bed with additional accessories such as booms, tablets or extensions. All this guarantees a sense of comfort, which allows the patient regenerate and recover faster. Hospital beds have a solid construction and the functional wheels facilitate their transport. In addition, we produce modern electrically operated beds with the remote control which guarantee the highest level of comfort thanks to the adjustments of the bed surfaces.


When choosing the right rehabilitation bed for medical purposes in a given facility, the parameters that affect the comfort and safety of patients must be a primary consideration. In a situation where most patients are chronically ill and are forced to stay most of the time in a supine position, an electric bed controlled with the remote control is the the best choice.


Another important factor is also the weight of the patient himself. The classic electric beds for elderly available in the above offer are suitable for people up to approx. 135 kg in weight. For heavier people, i.e. over 135 kg in weight, it is extremely important to choose a reinforced bariatric bed. This type of bed includes models like e.g. ELBUR PB 536, in which a safe working load allows patients weighing up to 160 kg. For rehabilitation bed models ELBUR PB X4/PB XX4, the safe working load reaches up to a weight of 200 and 300 kg. It should be stressed that for these beds larger dimensions are also available – i.e. width of e.g. 120 cm to ensure maximum comfort throughout the patient's whole treatment process.


A very important parameter of a person using products such as adjustable beds for the elderly is the patient's height. Just as described above, in most cases the standard size of rehabilitation beds, i.e. 90 x 200 cm is sufficient, but for taller people we recommend choosing the option of extending the bed by additional 20cm. This option is additionally available in all models of nursing beds presented in this offer. Please note that the products from the presented offer have a standard height adjustment in the range of 40 to 80 cm. However, for lower patients with a height of less than 160 cm, we recommend choosing a bed model with reduced height adjustment, in which the top edge of the bed operates in the range of 23 to 63 cm in height.


Rehabilitation beds – available dimensions


The tried-and-tested and comprehensively equipped furniture of our production as presented above is available in different dimensions. In addition, the rehabilitation bed in a certain model is adjustable to the height of the bed. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the height of the lying surface to the needs of a particular patient. In terms of detailed dimensions, after entering each of the presented product models such as electric beds for elderly, a specification in form of a PDF file is available where the dimensions are listed. Just choose from our offer the model of rehabilitation bed you are interested in and proceed to the file in which we accurately describe parameters such as the bed width, overall length, length of the backrest segment, adjustment of the back or lower leg segment or the maximum weight of the patient. Many models of the products presented here, are specially adapted for heavier, obese patients.


Rehabilitation bed - price


As a manufacturer of medical and rehabilitation furniture such as an orthopedic beds, we address our offer directly to medical and rehabilitation facilities or through a network of our business partners. The prices of individual models of beds for old people depend on factors such as order size, individual arrangements, etc.


Rehabilitation beds – the most important parameters


In the process of production, we pay attention not only to the final quality of the product, but above all to the functionality and facilities it can offer. The most important technical parameters distinguished by us are:

  • functions of electrical operation by remote control,
  • the possibility of locking of individual sleep surface positions,
  • finishing of metal elements,
  • fixed or adjustable bed height,
  • bed height adjustment within a certain range,
  • additional side rails – rehabilitation beds with patient protection,
  • patient's maximum weight gross weight (GW),
  • total weight range of adjustment steps of the backrest segment,
  • range of adjustment steps of the lower backrest segment.


Care beds - to whom we recommend


Many of the models of furniture proposed here are referred to as medical beds or orthopedic beds in terms of their universal function. It is not only rehabilitation and recovery facilities that are equipped with some of the products available here, including the medical beds. Also the hospital and medical institutions are willing to take advantage of the offer provided here. The medical bed has additional adjustable, removable side rails, which allow you to fit it into any room and settings - so this is the perfect bed for a patient. Height adjustment depending on the product model is an additional advantage. The necessary boom with infusion fluid hanger and additional handle allow you to comprehensively take care of the patient during his stay in a medical institution. The presented features and parameters of beds allow the provision of specialized services.